Ask Your Annapolis Dentist: Can You Still Repair Your Damaged Teeth?

alexander animal hospital Still Repair Your Damaged Teeth

You can still repair your damaged teeth with the following procedures below.

Damaged teeth happen for various reasons, from diseases to years of teeth grinding or a misaligned bite. Fortunately, dental advancements allow us to correct or treat even the most severely damaged teeth. You can still repair your damaged teeth with the following procedures below.

Dental Implants for When Preservation is Not an Option

When possible, preserving your natural teeth is the preferred option; however, this may not always be the case. In other cases, dental implants will be a likely choice. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that produce a strong foundation for dental crowns. Many dental practitioners and patients select dental implants because they provide the same function as natural teeth. They also prevent bone atrophy in the jaw.

Additionally, you can repair your damaged teeth with dental implants if you have lost teeth because of injury or decay. Plus, they can replace a single missing or restore a whole smile. Ideally, dental implants are great for non-smokers with excellent oral health.

Choose Indirect Fillings to Support a Traditional Filling

Also known as inlays or onlays, these indirect fillings apply to the tooth with moderate decay or when there isn’t sufficient tooth structure to support a traditional filling. A dentist will place an inlay directly on the tooth’s surface using adhesive dental cement. In contrast, an onlay will cover the tooth’s entire surface when significant damage occurs. Also, they can last up to 30 years with excellent oral hygiene due to their durable materials.

Cosmetic Veneers for Cracked, Discolored, or Gap Teeth

Moreover, you can still repair your damaged teeth with veneers if you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or seriously discolored. They can also apply to close a gap or fix worn-out teeth. Plus, dental veneers are thin shells made of porcelain designed to appear realistic.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Furthermore, a full mouth reconstruction includes a mix of dental treatments to rebuild or restore teeth, jaw function, and gums. It can also involve numerous procedures such as:

  • Dental bridges and crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Teeth fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Complete or partial dentures

Lastly, full mouth reconstruction is not purely cosmetic; patients must meet a specific health baseline to complete the procedure.


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