Ask Your Annapolis Dentist: Why Do I Receive a Toothache on Airplanes?

annapolis dental care Receive a Toothache on Airplanes

The reason you may receive a toothache on airplanes is the same reason that your ears might “pop” and hurt while flying.

Most people dislike flying for various reasons. But if you’ve flown on an airplane and endured a painful toothache in-flight, you possibly dread flying more than other people. But what causes your toothache on airplanes? And how can you receive relief from a toothache? In this article, we’ll give you the reasons why you receive a toothache on airplanes!

So, What Provokes a Toothache on Airplanes?

The reason you may receive a toothache on airplanes is the same reason that your ears might “pop” and hurt while flying. The air in your body is trying to get used to the change in air pressure while the plane ascends and descends.

In addition, toothaches will not bother healthy teeth. However, you might have tiny pockets of air in your teeth if you have existing cavities or have had dental work. So, these pockets will attempt to expand as the pressure in the cabin changes. As a result, this can cause discomfort and pain in your teeth.

How Do You Prevent Toothaches on Airplanes?

Moreover, you can prevent toothaches on airplanes by removing air pockets within your teeth. For instance, immediately treat your existing cavity with a filling or crown. Then, air will no longer be able to enter the tooth once your tooth has been treated.

The same is also true of dental work. If you feel pain in a recently treated tooth with a filling, this indicates that the filling is loose and may not function soon. Air should not be entering a filled tooth.

What Should You Do to Help Relief the Pain?

Furthermore, you can receive pain relief by taking an over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen if you are flying soon and don’t have enough time to visit your Annapolis dentist. Additionally, a topical analgesic such as Orajel may assist with your discomfort because it will numb the area around your tooth.

However, this is a brief solution because it will not altogether remove your tooth pain. If you receive a toothache on airplanes, you need to immediately schedule an appointment and see an Annapolis dentist for the right treatment!


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