Do You Believe These Myths About Toothbrushes?

Do You Believe These Myths About Toothbrushes?

There are plenty of misconceptions about dental care. Some of the most common myths have to do with toothbrushes.

There are plenty of misconceptions about dental care. Some of the most common myths have to do with toothbrushes. While taking care of your teeth is important, so is taking care of your toothbrush. If you’ve had it for too long, then get rid of it and replace it with the next one in the pack.

Put Toothbrushes in Cases

Putting a toothbrush inside a special case seems to make sense if you don’t want it to be coated in germs. The problem is, putting them into a case will actually encourage germs to grow, especially if your toothbrush isn’t dry before you put it away. You’re better off letting your toothbrush air dry in between each use. Toothbrush organizers can help separate your toothbrushes so that yours won’t touch the one your spouse uses or the ones your kids use.

Change Toothbrushes After Every Dentist Visit

Whenever you leave the dentist’s office, you’ll probably come away with a goodie bag. This bag often includes a free sample of mouthwash, a pack of floss, and a new toothbrush. You might be tempted to discard your old toothbrush and replace it with the one you now hold. However, this is another myth you shouldn’t fall for; it’s better to change toothbrushes every three or four months instead of every six. When a toothbrush is too worn down, it can’t clean your teeth, gums, and tongue as well as it could before.  

Brush for a Minute

You might think you’d be okay if you only brush your teeth for a minute. After all, the American Dental Association discovered that on average, most people spend 45 seconds doing this. But you need to brush for at least two minutes twice a day to make sure your mouth is as clean as possible. Plus, that minty fresh feeling can put you in a better mood, too.

Apply More Pressure

One last myth about toothbrushes has to do with how much pressure you need to use. Plaque and tartar can withstand your brushing attempts, but even a gentle pressure can remove them along with any bits of food you still in your mouth. Besides, if you press down too much, you can damage your teeth and cause your gums to bleed.


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