Benefits of Teeth Whitening with Annapolis Dental Care

Healthy Smiles with Annapolis Dental CareIt’s no secret that everyone wants a bright, healthy smile. Whether you are an avid coffee drinker or your teeth have dulled from age, teeth whitening can hold benefits for you. Aside from giving you the confidence of a healthy smile, teeth whitening can also provide health benefits. Your dentists at Annapolis Dental Care know just how beneficial teeth whitening can be for an individual. Teeth whitening can help boost an individual’s self-esteem and some believe it boosts a person’s progress in the world of dating, social interactions, and business. According to a recent American study, out of the adults surveyed, 84% believed a healthy smile helps them find their perfect significant other while74% believed that a bright smile aids in how successful their career is. Head to your local Annapolis dentist at Annapolis Dental Care to brighten your smile today and gain the confidence you need to succeed.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of teeth whitening, it has been proven that teeth whitening can benefit your health as well. The gel used to whiten teeth has been proven to kill the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease has also been linked to causing stroke, risks during pregnancy, and even cardiovascular problems. During a study in the UK, it was shown that gum disease can also lead to the weakening of mental function. Head to Annapolis Dental Care to find out how teeth whitening can help boost your oral and overall health.

At your local Annapolis dentist, we have educated ourselves on all possible teeth whitening options. From whitening gels to bleaching options, our specialists at Annapolis Dental Care can discuss with you the reasons for whitening and which option will be best for you. We know that there are plenty of over the counter products out there, but we can assure you that our methods are safer for your smile and will last longer. Dr. Steckler is a proud member of the following:

  1. Anne Arundel County Dental Society
  2. Maryland State Dental Association
  3. American Dental Association

Located at 101 Ridgely Avenue, Annapolis Dental Care has been the choice Annapolis dentist for residents in the Arnold and Annapolis areas as well as serving residents throughout Anne Arundel County. Call us today to set up an appointment for teeth whitening at (410)-267-0766. You can also fill out our online form here to get started.  New patients can find forms here.

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