Best Halloween Candy for Your Kids

Good candy for your teeth

Have a Happy Halloween by providing your children with the best candy possible for your teeth!

Halloween has become a holiday for spooks, scares, and sweets. Unfortunately eating too many of the wrong treats can be bad for you. So what kind of sweets are alright to eat this Halloween and what kinds can lead to cavities at your next dental appointment? Let’s check out some different classifications of Halloween candy!

The Bad

There are some Halloween candies you should definitely avoid. Sticky candies like caramel, nuts, coconut, and taffy are particularly bad for your teeth. These candies become stuck or lodged in your teeth making them snacks for the bacteria on your teeth. Hard candy like lollipops, jawbreakers, and other hard candies can also help to cause cavities. Although they don’t stick to your teeth, they do rest in your mouth as they dissolve, feeding the bacteria. The longer food stays in your mouth, the most acidic your mouth becomes from the bacteria.

The Pretty Bad

Like every other part of your body, your mouth has a pH balance, a scale that measures the acidity in terms of hydrogen ion activity. Unfortunately, there are some candies that ruin this balance in your mouth. Sour candies are the worse as the high acidic content can break down tooth enamel. While powdery candy like Pixie Stix dissolves quickly they are purse sugar which change the pH balance and gives bacteria plenty of food to eat.

The Not So Bad

Although it is not the best, chocolate is definitely not the worse candy for your teeth. Chocolates that aren’t filled will satisfy your sweet tooth while melting. Unlike other candy, chocolate doesn’t stick to your teeth, making it good for you. Dark chocolate can also be beneficial because it has antioxidants.

The Good

The best candy to give out to your trick-or-treaters this Halloween is candy minus the sugar. Sugar-free candy like lollipops and gum contain a sweetener called xylitol that is a natural sugar the bacteria in your mouth can’t survive on.

When eating any type of candy, it is important to brush your teeth afterwards. But when eating sour candy you should wait 30 minutes after eating the candy to brush your teeth. The acids in the candy breaks down your enamel and brushing could brush away the softened enamel. When choosing Halloween candy to give out this year, choose non-filled chocolates and sugar-free candy. And remember to have a safe and happy Halloween!

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