Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

While everything will be done to save your tooth from this fate, your dentist may have no choice but to extract your tooth. Check out some reasons for tooth extractions here!

The expression is “like pulling teeth” for a reason. Pulling teeth is not only difficult but it is also a big decision. If a tooth can be spared, it should be saved at all costs. But for some ill-fated teeth, they must be taking out. But what are some reasons a tooth should be extracted? Let’s check out some of these circumstances.


Sometimes dentists must pull a tooth in order to prepare your mouth for a visit to the orthodontist. Orthodontia’s goal is to align your teeth with the help of braces or retainers. This process may not be possible if your teeth don’t fit properly in your mouth. They could be too big or in some rare cases are too numerous. This means a tooth or two have to be extracted from your mouth in order to make space for your newly aligned teeth.


When your tooth is decaying or damaged, bacteria are allowed access to the blood vessels and nerves inside your teeth called the pulp. This bacterium causes an infection, which needs to be corrected through antibiotics as well as root canals. If the root canal doesn’t solve the infection or if the tooth’s structure is compromised, your tooth will have to be extracted. In cases of low immune systems, like cancer patients and organ transient patients, a dentist will recommend pulling a tooth that is at risk for infection in order to prevent severe infections.

Gum Disease

The final reason for tooth extraction is gum disease. Gum disease can range from the inflammation of the gums to a disease causing major damage to tissue, bone, and organs in your body. Gum disease is caused by not brushing your teeth properly. If you have gum disease, the tissue and bone surrounding your teeth might deteriorate, causing loose teeth. If your teeth become severely loose, your dentist will advise pulling them in order to ease your discomfort.


There are quite a few reasons your Annapolis Dental Care dentist might recommend a tooth extraction. Your dentist will either choose to try to save the tooth or to pull it depending on how the tooth is and how your mouth is progressing. For more information on tooth extractions, call Annapolis Dental Care today!

Tooth Extractions Annapolis Dental Care

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