Can Laser Diagnostics Help Your Teeth?

Laser diagnostics

Laser diagnostics can help prevent and treat potential decay that is invisible to the eye.

Laser Technology is becoming more and more usual in a diverse number of applications throughout the healthcare industry. However, it’s beginning to be used for the purpose of detecting tooth decay. By using laser diagnostics in the shape of a tiny handheld device, it is possible to detect tooth decay that is not yet visible and would be undetectable by traditional dental methods. To learn more about laser diagnostics and your teeth, read on.

What You Can Expect From Laser Diagnostics

When combined with laser technology, traditional methods are far more effective than ever before. This is good news for your comfort, teeth, overall health, and wallet. The benefits of this technology include:

-A reduction of unnecessary exploration of teeth that do not actually have cavities or decay

-A dramatic improvement in early cavity detection

-Early detection leads to better preventative care and early intervention, which means less expensive and invasive corrective procedures will be required

How Does Laser Technology Work?  

Laser technology is noninvasive and involves your teeth being scanned so their structure can be closely examined for signs of decay. Laser cavity detection works because healthy parts of teeth reflect light differently than decayed parts. Decayed teeth have higher levels of fluorescence. These readings are converted into both numbers and sound, as the changes in fluorescence and numeric value are emitted as an audio signal which grows stronger in the presence of decay.   

The Importance Of Laser Diagnostics

Tooth decay is actually more difficult to detect today than ever before. This is probably at least partially due to improved oral hygiene and accessibility to care, as well due to the increased use of fluoride in tap water and toothpaste. This has made enamel harder and stronger, which unfortunately helps to conceal tooth decay, even in the face of x-rays. Laser technology, on the other hand, has a 90% accuracy rate. This translates to earlier detection, less harm to your teeth, less invasive surgery, and potentially even huge savings for you.

Protecting Your Teeth with Annapolis Dental Care

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