Cavities: Signs, Causes, and Prevention

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Cavities are actually holes or structural damage to the two outer layers of a tooth. These layers are called enamel and dentin. Both of these layers of your teeth help protect the soft living tissue underneath called the pulp. As the bacteria attacks the outer layers of your teeth, it can cause holes or cavities in the teeth. So how do you know you have cavities? And how can you prevent more?

The Symptoms

While not all cavities show these symptoms, there are some things that every person should be aware of. If you are experiencing a toothache or a dull pain in your mouth, this is a sign you have a cavity. If you are experiencing intense pain from food or drinking something cold, this is a red flag that you have a cavity. Because cavities attach the outer protective layers of your tooth, any kind of sensitivity is a sign that there is something wrong with your enamel. Another sign is visibility. If you see holes or feel them with your tongue or finger, it is definitely time to see your Annapolis Dental Care Dentist for a filling.

The Causes

Most parents tell their children that eating too much candy is the cause of tooth decay, but that is just one of the reasons behind these holes. The first perpetrator of tooth decay is caused by plaque. When a tooth is brushed, rinsed, and flossed, it is cleared of plaque. But when a person has poor dental hygiene they aren’t removing the plaque and the bacterium is built up over time. Two other reasons for decay are sugar and poor diet. Sticky treats and drinks can cling to your mouth until you brush your teeth. You should brush your teeth as soon as you are able to after drinking juice, soda, or eating something containing sugar. If you have a diet with soda or acidic foods in it, you are in deep risk of getting cavities. Acid breaks down tooth enamel. It softens the outside of your teeth, which makes them more susceptible to decay. Many dentists are seeing a rise in babies with early tooth decay because they are left with bottles of juices, soda, or milk in their mouths when they fall asleep at night. This is damaging to the teeth because of the sugars in the drinks. It is advised to only give your baby water at night or not to leave a bottle in a crib with a sleeping child.

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, can be caused naturally or by patients taking medicines. Saliva is a natural plaque inhibitor but when it isn’t there your teeth are susceptible to the bacteria that would normally be washed away.

Cavity Prevention

If you are concerned about your dental routine, talk with your Annapolis Dental Care Dentist at your next appointment. Sugars come in many names and forms. While checking the labels look for these ingredients: glucose, sucrose, honey, dextrose, maltose, fructose, and hydrolyzed starch or syrup. Opting for food with less sugar or brushing after eating sugary foods is a great way to prevent damage. During your next check up with your Annapolis Dental Care Dentist, ask about Laser Diagnostics. This is a tool offered in house called DIAGNOdent, it scans your teeth for hidden decay, which could prevent you from having cavities or root canals in the long run.

Preventative Care with Annapolis Dental Care

For the most part, damage to your teeth is not completely avoidable. However, cavities can be avoided by these simple steps. Speak with your dentist for more tips and tricks that could help you avoid the drill. If you want to schedule your next visit, please contact Annapolis Family Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit today! We can give you more information, or schedule your appointment.

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