Tooth Loss and Preventative Measures

Tooth Loss

Dental xrays are an important step in diagnosing the causes leading to tooth loss.

In a world where we judge ourselves as other people see us, people become very self-conscious about the way their appearances. People care about their appearances but seem to skip and important one. What about their teeth?

Tooth Loss

There are several factors that could attribute to losing teeth as an adult. The most common causes are poor diet and oral hygiene. Not brushing your teeth, especially after eating sugary food and drinking sodas, can cause cavities and decay. Teeth could fall out due to tobacco use, doing drugs, diseases, grinding your teeth, and eating or drinking sugary foods and beverages. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. This disease is caused by bacteria in the plaque not being removed from the teeth during daily dental routines. This will cause the teeth and gums to become infected and you will eventually lose gum tissue and the jaw bone that supports the teeth. Another disease that could affect the teeth and gums is diabetes. If your blood glucose levels are poorly controlled, this puts at risk for developing gum disease and losing more teeth than non-diabetics. Most diabetics know that any diseases affects glucose levels, and gum disease isn’t different. This side effect makes gum disease harder to fight.

Preventative Measures

These things can be prevented, however, prevention must come very early on in life. Start by forming a proper dental care routine, including the right type of toothbrush for your mouth and flossing regularly. To add to your daily routine, plan out meals instead of picking out sugary treats. Maintain a healthy diet of calcium, protein, and other nutrients. Talk to your doctor and dentist about changing your diet. It is also extremely important to see your dentist twice a year, once every six months. This will make sure there aren’t any problems and you continue to have a healthy mouth.

Options with Annapolis Dental Care

If you experience tooth loss and want to explore your options, talk with your Annapolis Dental Care dentist about your options of dentures or implants. These options will brighten your day and your smile! If you want to schedule your next visit, please contact Annapolis Family Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit today! We can give you more information, or schedule your appointment.

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