Dental Care: Traditional Flossing Vs. WaterPik

The WaterPik advertises itself as a complete replacement for flossing, going as far as saying that it is superior to traditional flossing in both comfort and effectiveness. Although the product does perform well in certain key areas, it does not measure up to floss in other ways and does not cover all of your dental care needs. Just like any other new tool, WaterPiks have pros and cons for its use.

Dental Care

Even if you use a WaterPik, flossing is very important.

WaterPik: Uses and Limitations


The WaterPik works by shooting high-pressure water into the gaps between your teeth in order to clean them. This is very effective at removing food partials that can build up around teeth. It can also help fight bad breath and plaque buildup. The WaterPik can be particularly useful when the user has braces, as they can make flossing correctly very difficult. However, the WaterPik falls short in two key areas: the ability to remove tougher plaque and the ability to reach tight places where there is almost no space between teeth. When untreated plaque builds up on and around teeth, it can be very difficult to remove. The high-pressure water from a WaterPik can dislodge food, but sometimes plaque is so thick that the scraping motion of floss to required to correctly remove it. Additionally, plaque and food particles will often build up in the tightest areas between your teeth where the WaterPiks cannot reach. Flossing is the only way to remove food and plaque from these areas.


Other Considerations


If you decide to use the Waterpik, it is best to use it as an addition to flossing rather that as a replacement for it. It can work well for flushing out plaque and debris that have been scraped off and loosened by brushing and flossing. It is best to start using the WaterPik on a low pressure setting to avoid irritating your gums before they get used to it.


WaterPiks are an excellent tool that can help to improve your dental care and health but have their drawbacks and are not a replacement for proper daily flossing.


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