How to Choose the Right Dentist

How to Choose the Right Dentist annapolis dental care

Dentistry is part of your medical care, so make sure you’re working with a qualified professional.

Dentistry is part of your medical care, and like any medical decision, you want to make sure you’re working with a professional who can get the job done right and make you feel comfortable while you’re at it. If you’re dealing with dental issues and are looking for a new dentist, it may be tempting to choose someone in a rush and get it over with. However, dentistry shouldn’t be something that is taken lightly. Here are some tips for finding the right dentist for you so that you get the best care you can.

Picking a Location

Going to the dentist can already be intimidating (although dentistry isn’t as scary as some people think!) so you don’t want to have to drive far to get to your dentist. It’s a matter of convenience: find a dentist close to your home, work, or anywhere else you frequent. You can make quick use of Google Maps to figure out where your potential dentist is and see if it’s in a place that works for you, as it’s always good to have a dentist that is easily accessible. 

Within Your Network

Anyone with dental insurance is going to want to stay within their network. Your insurance provider should have a list of dentists in your area that are within your network. By using dentists in your insurance network, you can save a lot of money—though if you don’t have insurance, you can still find a dentist to work with you.

Experience & Reputation

An experienced dentist is likely able to do better work, and it’s especially relevant if you’re looking for a specialist like an orthodontist. Someone should either have experience with cases or procedures like yours or at the least have a more experienced person present in order to oversee the work you’re having done.

More experience also contributes to their reputation, so you should see who has good reviews online or even just ask friends and family. Finding a dentist that people speak highly of shows that their experience has made them capable of high-quality dentistry.

Payment Options

Different dentists are going to offer various payment methods. This may be important if you’re getting serious work done and can’t afford to pay for it all at once. Ask potential dentists what their payment policies are and whether or not they’re flexible or have any kinds of programs you can take advantage of if you’re worried about paying.


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