How to Properly Clean Your Retainer

How to Properly Clean Your Retainer annapolis dental care

If you have had braces, you know how important it is to wear your retainer regularly and keep it clean.

If you have had braces, you know how important it is to wear your retainer regularly and keep it clean. Getting your braces off is exciting, but that doesn’t mean your work is done. A retainer ensures that your teeth do not shift back to their original position after removing the braces. Dentists recommend that you wear your retainer as long as possible to keep your teeth from shifting, so it’s important to keep them clean and functional. Here are some tips for keeping your retainer clean.

Signs Your Retainer Needs to Be Cleaned

Many dentists recommend cleaning your retainer before putting it in at night. Daily cleaning is great for removing any harmful bacteria. Aside from daily cleaning, it helps to do a thorough soak to prevent build-up. Remember, after wearing your retainer all night, your saliva can leave behind deposits when you remove it in the morning. Some signs that your retainer needs some extra cleaning include:

  • A bad taste or odor.
  • The retainer is uncomfortable to wear.
  • Cloudy film or white spots on your retainer. These spots may be calcium deposits from saliva.

Tips for Cleaning Your Retainer

Using water is the simplest and most effective way to clean your retainer. Each time you remove it from your mouth, rinse your retainer with water to remove any bacteria. Also, it is important to make sure that your retainer does not dry out. Soak them in distilled water every time you take them out. For a deeper clean, you can use baking soda to clean your retainer. Make a paste by mixing together water and baking soda. Be sure that the paste is thick enough to stick to your retainer. Using a soft toothbrush, apply the paste onto the retainer and brush gently, and rinse it thoroughly with water to remove any residue.

What NOT to Do With Your Retainer

Not taking proper care of your retainer can result in expensive damage. Be careful not to make these mistakes. Anything that contains alcohol is bad for your retainer. So, avoid using mouthwash, as it contains alcohol and is less effective in cleaning the retainers. It also dries out your retainer, making it more prone to damage.


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