A Closer Look at Cosmetic Dental Implants

A Closer Look at Cosmetic Dental Implants

One reason to get dental implants is to help improve your smile.

One reason to get dental implants is to help improve your smile. But if you have never considered them before, then you might not know enough about them to make an informed decision. Here is some more information for you to mull over before you get this procedure done. If you wish to have it completed, then your Annapolis dentist is more than willing to oblige. 

What Are They?

These implants are quite simple. That’s because they are either posts or frames made of metal. A surgical procedure is used to insert them into the jaw underneath the gums. These implants are also intended to be anchors for any replacement teeth that you may need.

How Do They Work?

Cosmetic dental implants are intended to help beautify your smile and restore any confidence that you may have lost. These additions also allow for dentures and bridges to fit more securely; they won’t fall out or come loose at inconvenient times. What this means is that eating and talking will be more comfortable and feel more natural. Crowns will also fit better and feel less awkward. 

For some patients, especially the more hesitant ones, relying on dentures or night guards could be either painful, embarrassing, or both. Fortunately, with cosmetic dental implants, this is no longer an issue. Bridges and replacement teeth can be used instead as a replacement for these measures. However, for the dental implants to work, the patient will need healthy gums and a commitment to practicing better oral hygiene. One other consideration is the cost: compared to other procedures, these implants could be more expensive and receive less coverage from insurance companies. Ultimately, the decision to get them is yours and yours alone. 

Two Types of Dental Implants

One type of dental implant is called the endosteal implant. Surgery allows these implants to be fixed onto the jawbone. Then a waiting period is enforced to allow the surrounding gums to heal correctly. Another followup surgery involves adding a post to the implant before an artificial tooth is added where the post is. 

The second type is called the subperiosteal implant. Metal frames are attached to the jawbone underneath the gum line. Posts go through the gums, and then posts are added at the end. 


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