What Fearful Patients Should Know About Mouthwash

What Fearful Patients Should Know About Mouthwash

One reason fearful patients are reluctant to come in and see their dentist is that they are embarrassed about the start of their teeth.

Some of the best advice you can get from your friendly Annapolis dentist is to brush, floss, and use mouthwash every day. But some patients are more anxious about using the mouthwash than they are brushing or flossing. It can be a struggle to remember to do all three every day. Plus, using substitutes for mouthwash could be seen as more effective. Here is what everyone should know. 

Some Benefits

Mouthwash is useful for getting rid of plaque and tartar. These two substances can be hard to get rid of depending on the shape of your mouth, where your teeth are located, and if you can keep your wisdom teeth clean. Rinsing every day with mouthwash will help fearful patients avoid the prospect of anxiety-inducing tooth extractions. Your dentist will recommend that they get removed, but financial constraints and insurance coverages can present obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Did you know that mouthwashes can also help you whiten your teeth? Some mouthwash includes hydrogen peroxide in small doses – just enough to support the enamel without hurting the gums at the same time. 

Improving Oral Health 

It’s tempting to use mouthwash and skip the other necessary steps towards improving oral health. One reason fearful patients are reluctant to come in and see their dentist is that they are embarrassed about the start of their teeth. Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste will make a world of difference. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is even more critical in the hot summer days where you’re bound to start sweating as soon as you step outside. Rethink your diet and eat more veggies that can scrub your teeth, such as celery, carrots, and apples. Cheese can help, too. Minimize your tobacco use, since that substance can leave lingering stains on your teeth and contribute to the incidence of oral cancer.   

Be Careful 

Fearful patients are prone to taking caution to the extreme. There is nothing wrong with this since you are dedicated to being as careful as possible. Take the time to read the label attached to the bottle. Certain varieties of mouthwash are formulated only to provide superficial benefits, such as rinsing away food debris and freshening your breath for a short time. Either way, don’t drink your mouthwash. You might swallow a small amount while swishing it around in your mouth, but too much can make you feel ill.  


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