Your Genetic History and Your Oral Health

Your Genetic History and Your Oral Health

Although it sounds hard to believe, your genetic history does have an impact on your oral health.

Although it sounds hard to believe, your genetic history does have an impact on your oral health. Researching your family tree is a fascinating hobby, but you probably didn’t think it could lead you in directions you never imagined would become relevant, like how your genes affect how healthy you are or how prone you are to developing diseases such as oral cancer. Let’s find out more!


Whenever you get a cavity, it’s a bad sign of worse things to come. Leaving sugar from candy or soda to linger on your teeth is never a good idea, especially if you consume these items right before bed and don’t brush your teeth beforehand. Your genes will determine the kinds of bacteria that will take up residence in your mouth, but more than likely, they won’t be the ones inflicting any damage on your teeth. Genetics will impact how healthy your teeth are, and how much saliva you can produce to help protect your teeth, though. Be sure to brush and floss every day in between visits to your dentist for your next scheduled cleaning. 

Gum Disease 

When your gums feel tender and sore, it could be a sign that you are developing gum disease. Either that or early stages are worsening, and you can feel it happening in real time. If you don’t do anything, your oral health will decline. Part of this is because the teeth and bones holding them in place will decay and drop out, but it also has something to do with your family history. There’s still not enough research to indicate a direct link, but medical science knows enough to say this to you: if you know you have a family history of gum disease, mention it to your dentist. 

Crooked Teeth

Yes, crooked teeth could be attributed to your genes. If you needed braces at some point in your life, then your older siblings and cousins likely needed them too. The size of your jaw and your teeth determine how well-aligned they are. Even after you’ve been without braces for a decade or more, you may still need a retainer. 

Oral Cancer 

Finally, we come to the biggest spook on this list: the specter of oral cancer. Your genetics have the most impact on your oral health when it comes to predicting whether or not you will eventually exhibit signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Screening for oral cancer is one way your dentist helps protect you. 



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