Common Dental Fears and Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Common Dental Fears and Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Out of the common dental fears named above, one or all of them could be the source of your dental anxiety.

Here at Annapolis Dental Care, we are proud to say that we cater to fearful patients. Even if you’re a nervous patient, you shouldn’t hesitate to see us the next time you need treatment. We care about your health, and we care about you as a person, too.

Common Dental Fears

We understand how uncomfortable it is to visit the dentist. After all, you might be self-conscious about how your teeth look, worried about your flossing routine, or embarrassed about bad breath. All of those are common problems. Other items at the dentist’s office that you may be afraid of include needles, drills, sedation treatments, and pain associated with them, even if they only cause pressure. However, you don’t need to be scared or upset. There are ways to overcome your anxiety, as you will see.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Find Out What Makes You Scared: Life is frightening, and there’s no easy way to say that. However, confronting your fears and anxieties is the first step to overcoming them. Out of the common dental fears named above, one or all of them could be the source of your dental anxiety.

Find a Dentist: Not all dentists are the same. Some dentists, like the experts here at Annapolis Dental Care, will take the time to explain the treatments and procedures they’ll need to perform to help you feel better. Meanwhile, your children could be nervous about going to the dentist, instead of excited. Finding the right dentist for them is just as important.

Bring a Companion: Sometimes, all you need to feel better is some moral support. Consider bringing a friend or family member the next time you need to visit the dentist. Even if they can’t be in the room with you, their presence in the office can still help.

Ask About Relaxation Treatment: Sedation treatments are one way to avoid experiencing pain while you’re in the dentist’s chair. They’ll also help you feel calmer if you think you need them. Don’t hesitate to ask about the relaxation treatments we have available in our office!  


Whether it’s a regular check-up you need or a tooth extracted, Annapolis Dental Care has the expertise and compassion to work with you on improving your oral health. Your comfort and health are our top priorities, and so we go above and beyond to make our patients happy and give them the highest quality care. To set up an appointment today, please give us a call at 410-571-5014 or visit us online. For more oral health tips for you and your family follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube! We are always looking for new patients, so if you live in Arnold, Annapolis, or Anne Arundel County, MD, come on down!

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