Are Cosmetic Dental Implants a Good Fit for My Smile?


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Annapolis Dental Care offers attractive cosmetic dental implants for dental patients who don’t feel comfortable with the current condition of their smile.

Annapolis Dental Care offers attractive and high-quality solutions for dental patients who don’t feel comfortable with the current condition of their smile. Unlike traditional solutions for replacing missing or broken teeth, a cosmetic dental implant surgically replaces the root of your tooth. In doing so, you create an effortlessly natural smile filled with pearly whites that look as though they are all yours. Cosmetic dental implants are a long-process, but produce natural results that are excellent for a candidate seeking to retain the beauty of their natural teeth without the fear that their smile will give away their dental secrets. 

Cosmetic Dental Implants and Candidacy 

An ideal cosmetic dental implant candidate will already have good oral hygiene and optimum health. You’ll also want to have healthy gums, free from gingivitis, in order to ensure that your cosmetic dental implants are supported by your gums. Since cosmetic dental implants are connected to the underlying bones of your mouth, a periodontist usually works hand-in-hand with your dentist to obtain optimum results. 

Do I Need to Replace All My Teeth?

It is not necessary to replace all of your teeth with cosmetic dental implants unless you have an underlying health condition that requires your teeth being pulled. Some cosmetic dental implant candidates are seeking to simply replace one or two teeth, while others opt for a full-set. A cosmetic dental implant procedure varies from person-to-person and what their individual mouth may need. 

What Does Dental Cosmetic Implant Recovery Look Like?

Dependent on how many teeth you’ve replaced for dental cosmetic implants, your recovery may vary. For one tooth replacement, recovery time is typically around 1-2 days. For extensive replacement of your natural teeth with dental cosmetic implants, you should expect your recovery period to last for 3 to 6 months. Feeling fearful? Don’t despair! The end result is a naturally beautiful, effortless smile from Annapolis Dental Care!


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