How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Oral Hygiene

Here’s a few top reasons why cosmetic dentistry can help improve your oral hygiene.

It’s no secret that straighter teeth are easier to clean. At Annapolis Dental Care, an investment in cosmetic dentistry can help straighten your teeth through braces or retainers built for proper alignment while improving your oral hygiene. According to the American Dental Association, crooked or crowded teeth are more challenging to clean than straight teeth. If your mouth is overcrowded or you have crooked teeth, it can be difficult to floss and brush efficiently. This can result in excess bacteria and plaque buildup, which can negatively impact your oral hygiene. Here are a few top reasons why cosmetic dentistry can help improve your oral hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Straight Teeth Are Easier to Clean

When your teeth are straight, it’s easier to get in between each tooth with a swift flick of floss. Additionally, straighter teeth can be effectively brushed, with each tooth cleansed of bacteria buildup. Since crooked teeth have unique angles that need to be hit to cleanse your teeth effectively, it’s easier to use a toothbrush on straight teeth. 

Straight Teeth Might Give You More Incentive to Keep Your Teeth Clean

When you feel confident about your smile, you’ll likely have more incentive to take care of your teeth and keep them in good condition. For individuals with crooked teeth, you might frequently find yourself covering up your mouth in photographs and disregarding your oral hygiene due to the physical appearance of your teeth. By investing in cosmetic dentistry, you’re making a lifelong investment in your appearance and an incentive to practice good oral hygiene habits daily.

Straight Teeth Can Contribute to Healthier Gums

Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of numerous health problems within the United States. By investing in cosmetic dentistry to straighten your teeth, you can potentially contribute to healthier gums. When you have crooked teeth, it’s more challenging to get the floss into tight spaces, and your gums can be pinched easier. Contact Annapolis Dental Care today for more information regarding our cosmetic dentistry!


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