Signs Your Child Needs Orthodontic Treatment in the Form of Braces

Did you know that there’s a few signs that indicate your child needs orthodontic treatment in the form of braces?

If your child is a candidate for orthodontic treatment or braces, you should know that they serve more than just cosmetic purposes. Braces can help establish appropriate jaw form and function while contributing to a straighter cosmetic appearance that is easier to clean. With straightened teeth, your child can potentially reduce their risks for gum disease and other risks. With braces in younger children, you can also help ensure a proper bite to support speech development and assist with eating. Did you know that there are a few signs that indicate your child needs orthodontic treatment in the form of braces? Here’s what you should know.

Your Child Might Need Orthodontic Treatment if They’re Grinding Their Teeth at Night

If you’re hearing the unmistakable sounds of your child grinding their teeth in their sleep or they’re consistently waking up with headaches, they might benefit from braces to align their bite. Since teeth grinding is often a sign of misaligned teeth, braces can help straighten your teeth and align your bite to potentially eliminate teeth grinding. If left untreated, your child may develop a more profound misalignment that can be harder to fix with cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, misaligned teeth may potentially delay speech. 

Crowded Teeth 

Crowded teeth can make it more difficult to cleanse your child’s teeth adequately. By investing in braces, you can help your child establish good oral health hygiene and provide a straight canvas for them to clean daily. Any build-up of bacteria or plaque on their teeth can contribute to periodontal disease, which is one of the leading causes of adverse health risks — including heart attack and stroke. By investing in your children’s teeth with orthodontic treatments, you can help set them up for adulthood with fewer health risks due to gum disease.

Thumb sucking, Mouth Breathing, and More

Was your child a thumbsucker or habitual mouth breather? If so, they’re a likely candidate for orthodontic treatments. Since sucking your thumb can misalign your teeth and cause crowding, it’s essential to have crowded teeth addressed with orthodontic treatment. Additionally, mouth breathing can affect the growth of your children’s teeth. Contact Annapolis Dental Care today for a consultation for braces for your child!


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