Cosmetic Dentistry Questions Answered by Your Annapolis Dentist

There are dozens of over-the-counter tricks out there that “guarantee” they can give you a flawless smile, but how effective are they really? Whitening strips and special toothpastes might give you a bit of a brightness boost, but what about other issues, such as crooked teeth, chips, or cracks? There is no magic solution in a box for these dental issues, but there is one thing that can help: cosmetic dentistry. If you are curious about the ways in which cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile, then your Annapolis dentist is here to help! Read on to learn the answers to some of the most common cosmetic dentistry questions.

Your Annapolis Dentist on Cosmetic Dentistrycosmetic dentistry

1.)    Is cosmetic dentistry just for appearance’s sake?

Many people wonder if getting cosmetic dentistry procedures done will be considered vain. But cosmetic dentistry does so much more than simply make your smile look good. While it certainly does do that, of course, it also improves the overall health of your mouth as well. A ceramic crown, for instance, can make a damaged tooth blend in with the rest of your smile while making everyday functions, such as chewing, a whole lot easier!

2.)    Is cosmetic dentistry an alternative to orthodontics?

In order to achieve that perfect, natural, straight smile, many people opt for traditional orthodontic procedures, such as braces or Invisalign. While these are things that can help your smile look its best, cosmetic dentistry offers some other, more immediate options. Having veneers done, for example, can help to create that smooth, bright smile that will last and last for years to come!

3.)    I’ve lost a tooth entirely- is there a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can help?

Cosmetic dentistry does not just patch up little problems; it can even address a major one like a missing tooth! One common cosmetic procedure is a dental implant. With an implant, you will get a sturdy, permanent replacement for your lost tooth that will look and act like a natural tooth as well.

If you are curious about cosmetic dentistry procedures or want to schedule a consultation, get in touch with your Annapolis dentist today!

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