Do You Have Gum Disease?

Do You Have Gum Disease?

Even if you are beginning to suffer the early stages of gum disease, all is not lost.

Even if you are beginning to suffer the early stages of gum disease, all is not lost. This means that you will require more intensive treatment from your dentist. It will also help if you step up your dental and oral health care routines. Here are some facts you should know about gum disease. So if you are worried, you don’t need to be.

It’s Quite Common

When you have gum disease, it’s easy to think that you’re the only one in the world who has it. It’s also commonly known as a so-called silent disease because many of the symptoms don’t appear until it has gone untreated for so long that it has progressed into being apparent. The CDC has stated that almost half of adults at least 30 years old have some form of the disease. As people get older, their oral health tends to decline; this means that more than 70% of adults over 65 struggle with this condition. Finally, men are more likely to suffer from it than women are, at around 56%.

It Can Affect Your Well-Being

Gum disease doesn’t just affect your mouth. This is a frequent misconception that many people don’t grasp. However, it’s much worse than that. The disease can spread and begin to affect the rest of your body, not just your gums, teeth, or tongue. You could develop higher risks for heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems, diabetes, and pregnancy complications. Inflammation associated with this disease is the culprit behind all of these potential consequences.

Early Warning Signs

The problem with gum disease is that it is often hard to detect before it begins to cause you discomfort. However, there are some early warning signs to keep your eyes peeled for; here is just a short list of these signs:

  • Your gums are bleeding
  • Your gums are receding
  • You always have bad breath
  • Your gums are red or swollen
  • It hurts to chew
  • Your teeth are unusually sensitive
  • Your teeth are loose
  • Your bite has shifted alignment
  • Your dentures don’t fit

Unfortunately, numerous risk factors make it much more likely that you have gum disease.

Unfortunate Risk Factors

  • You are 65 or older
  • Family history
  • Overwhelmed with stress
  • You grind your teeth
  • You have diabetes
  • You don’t get enough nutrients


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