4 Pressing Questions About Baby Teeth

4 Pressing Questions About Baby Teeth

What do you know about baby teeth?

It’s always a wonderful time when your baby starts teething. Well, it might be for you. For your baby, it can be painful. However, once your child is old enough, their baby teeth will start to fall out. That’s why the tooth fairy is around, to collect all that spare teeth and leave some money behind. What do you know about baby teeth?

Are Dental X-Rays Necessary?

Dental X-rays are always useful, no matter how old the patient is. It can also help get a clearer picture of how healthy your child’s mouth is. Here is why diagnostic tools like x-rays are so helpful; they help establish a baseline that dentists can use to track the development of oral health as your children grow.

Are Fillings Worth It?

Fillings help deal with cavities. However, you might be wondering if the fillings are still worth it for baby teeth. The baby teeth coming in is a huge milestone, and that’s because these teeth create openings for permanent teeth to grow into the mouth. The formation of teeth will also help your child as they learn to eat and chew. Any cavities that form can affect the roots and cause gum disease, which can keep kids out of school. That’s why fillings are still worth it.

How Important is Milk?

Milk has long been considered healthy for kids, and it is. However, one of the biggest benefits was that it supposedly helped promote healthy tooth growth. It’s not necessarily the milk, but the calcium in the milk that is important. Calcium helps ensure strong teeth and bones, but calcium is also found in nuts, seeds, and vegetables. That’s why even vegan families can find ways to make sure that their kids get the calcium they need even when they need to drink milk alternatives.

How Important is Fluoride?

Fluoride is also incredibly important. Fluoride is often added to water supplies, which may surprise some people and alarm others. This mineral helps fight cavities because it helps strengthen baby teeth. But it can also help people of all ages. Fluoride is also found in toothpaste, treatments, and supplements. The next time you go in to get your teeth cleaned, you’ll also be given some fluoride for your teeth.


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