3 Symptoms that Indicate a Root Canal is Needed

3 Symptoms that Indicate a Root Canal is Needed

No one wants to have a root canal done.

No one wants to have a root canal done. However, as painful as the experience could be, it will relieve other symptoms that you’ve been suffering and no longer need to endure. Here are some of the different ways to recognize that it’s time to schedule this procedure.  

Cracked Teeth

If your teeth are cracked, chipped, or damaged in any other way, then you should consider a root canal to help fix the problem. That’s because the nerves covered by the enamel are now vulnerable to infection. Any bacteria that enter the wound can then make their way into your bloodstream and affect your overall well being. If you let this infection go untreated, the consequences could be dire. That’s why a root canal can help you.

Discolored Teeth

You might not think that discolored teeth are a problem beyond lowering your self-confidence. However, it can be a sign of hidden health problems. After all, it could be a simple as a superficial stain from something you had for lunch, or that the nerves underneath your teeth have been damaged in some way. Nerve damage is no joke, and neither is blood vessel damage. So if you believe that these conditions have affected you, then it counts as a dental emergency.

Tooth Decay

Finally, tooth decay is another problem that can be addressed via a root canal. One way to prevent tooth decay in the first place is to follow a regular regimen of flossing, brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. Taking the time to clean and scrape your teeth and gums in between dental visits can also help prevent tooth decay problems. That’s because all of these methods can reduce the likelihood of a cavity forming, no matter what your diet is like; but if you don’t want to have a crown put in, then a root canal is your only option. Although it’s easy to ignore a small problem when you first discover it or think that it’s not worth it to go to a dentist, or you’re just afraid to do so, it’s crucial that you don’t trust your instincts and call your dentist today!  


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