Why Might You Need to See an Emergency Dentist?

Why Might You Need to See an Emergency Dentist?

There are some situations which count as a dental emergency, and that’s when you need to see an emergency dentist.

Most of the time, everyone tries to do everything they can to avoid going to the dentist. This includes not making a phone call, not because of social anxiety over the phone or dislike of interacting with another person – it just means you dread going to the dentist. But there are some situations which count as a dental emergency, and that’s when you need to see an emergency dentist.

Dental Emergencies

To start determining if you have a dental emergency on your hands, ask yourself a handful of pressing questions:

  1. Are you in a lot of pain? Pain and bleeding are common signs of an emergency.
  2. Did a tooth fall out unexpectedly or is extremely loose? If so, then you could use the services of an emergency dentist. Adults should never lose a tooth for no reason.
  3. Do you think you might have an infection? Abscessed teeth and infections are also incredibly common, and can become dangerous if you don’t do anything about them.
  4. Is your mouth currently bleeding? It might bleed if you use floss when you aren’t used to flossing, but if it is inexplicably bleeding, then it’s a sign of a problem.


Chipped and cracked teeth can turn into emergencies, but by themselves, they aren’t always the source of a crisis. If they give you excruciating pain or leave shards that can cut open your mouth, then that is an emergency. A single crack in your tooth is something you can wait to address. Toothaches, crowns, bridges, and fillings are also not urgent issues for an emergency dentist to fix right away, either.


You might still be confused: If teeth problems don’t count as dental emergencies, then what are some examples? Damaged, destroyed, or missing teeth and abscessed teeth – especially with rampant cavities – all count. Abscesses may not seem threatening at first, but you could run a fever, develop tooth sensitivity, complain about a toothache that never stops, deal with facial swelling, and feel the lymph nodes in your neck become swollen and painful.  


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