The Effects of Sparkling Water on Your Teeth

The Effects of Sparkling Water on Your Teeth

Take a minute to think about what effects sparkling water have on your teeth, especially if you don’t care for drinking still water.

While trying to stop drinking so much soda and juice, you’ve decided to start drinking sparkling water. After all, you don’t want the calories or the sugar content of those other beverages, but you miss having something bubbly. Take a minute to think about what effects sparkling water have on your teeth, especially if you don’t care for drinking still water.

What Sodas Do

You don’t have to give up sodas entirely in an attempt to improve your dental health. If you can’t resist a root beer float as a summer treat, then you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. However, like many other things in life, moderation is the key. The sugar you find in most sodas will contribute to the development of tooth decay. Choosing diet cola over regular, unfortunately, isn’t any better for your teeth. The caramel color and high acidity of both cause enamel erosion, which is a serious problem. Instead, opt for some milk, still water, or sparkling water instead if you’re looking for some cold refreshment.  

What Sparkling Water Does

Sparkling water still has bubbles in it due to carbonation. Carbonation is the same process that gives soda that delightful bubbling effect when your pour it or drink it. Sparkling water full of bubbles can harm your teeth, just not as much as sodas can. Ultimately, you’re much better off if you drink plain water.

Protecting Your Teeth

You’ll need to find different ways to protect your teeth. However, figuring out which method is best for you depends on the problems affecting your teeth. If sensitive teeth are bothering you, then you must find some special toothbrush that can help decrease the associated pain. You can also set up your next visit to your dentist – and while you’re at it, get your children started early. If you can teach them that the dentist isn’t scary, they will surprise you with how much they’ll enjoy the whole experience. In the end, sparkling water is better for your teeth than a soft drink is, but all the same, it’s best if you don’t overindulge.


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