Floss Fabulously and Frequently

Pack of dental flossYou learned all about brushing your teeth last week. This week, we’ll focus on flossing with the proper technique and knowledge to ensure long-lasting gum health. Flossing is a part of dental hygiene that too many people skip. Some say it’s painful, others just can’t figure out how to integrate it into their routine. The problem here is that flossing is an integral part of your mouth’s health. Without a daily flossing plan, you risk a future of periodontal disease, tooth loss, and a discolored smile. Once you make flossing a permanent part of your hygiene routine, make sure you follow some simple guidelines to ensure that you know exactly how to floss.

Make a Plan

Many people are guilty of flossing for only a few seconds, and not being thorough enough. While some flossing is better than no flossing, this quick once-over won’t do much for the health of your teeth and gums. The goal of flossing is to remove plaque from the nooks and crannies that toothbrushes can’t reach. Create a plan and make sure you don’t miss any of your teeth. Decide where you will start, how you’ll proceed, and where you’ll finish.

Your flossing plan should include both sides of every tooth. It is easy to snap floss down between two teeth and call it good, but if you aren’t careful, you’ll neglect important space. When you floss, you should press the floss against the surface of each tooth in the pair. Every tooth needs individual attention.

Perfect your Technique

A common mistake that people make is to use the same section of floss for their entire mouth. Whether you’re trying to conserve floss, or don’t want to take the time to reposition it, you should try to change your habits. When you use the same section of floss, you are essentially just transferring the bacteria you removed from one tooth, to another. Switch up your floss for best results.

Another great technique that will save you a little bit of pain is to be gentle. Plenty of people snap their floss between their teeth with one quick motion. This can be tough on your gums and leave you with a sore mouth. You’re better off wiggling your floss between your teeth with a light hand.

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