Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes

toothbrush-mistakeWhen you’re a child, you learn how to brush your teeth for the first time. Your parents usually keep the routine fairly simple, as you are just starting out, but over time between dentist visits and experiences, you develop a solid routine. Most people know to brush their teeth in the morning and just before bed. Some even go so far as to brush their teeth after every meal. You may think you’ve been brushing your teeth correctly your whole life, but you are probably making a few tooth brushing mistakes.

The brush

Tooth brushing starts with just that, a tooth brush. Start off on the right foot by choosing the correct tooth brush for your mouth and your teeth. There are so many options out there. Dentists suggest sticking to small or medium sized brushes so that they are easy to handle, and more agile in your mouth. Both electric and manual tooth brushes will get the job done adequately, but some studies show that electric tooth brushes are superior. The motorized action of electric tooth brushes is often described as the best way to clean your teeth.

The bristles

You may not even realize that there are different kinds of toothbrush bristles. Some are straight, some are angled, some are waved, and some are soft. There are even bristles made of different materials. Take a closer look at the packaging next time you go toothbrush shopping. Dentists recommend brushes with soft or medium bristles that are rounded, tufted, and made of nylon. Bristles that are too hard can damage your teeth and gums. A medium or soft bristled brush allows you to control the force of your toothbrush better.

The Technique

Many people skip their evening tooth brushing, or don’t brush long enough. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and for about two minutes each time. Your evening tooth brushing is the most important one of the day, as bacteria has had all day to invade your mouth. On days when you eat a large amount of sugary treats, you should consider brushing a couple of extra times. Take caution though, too much tooth brushing can damage your enamel. You should also be careful not to brush your teeth too vigorously. This can expose the root of your teeth and cause pain, or cause your gum line to recede.

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