Habits that are Secretly Destroying your Teeth

dental-habitsHumans are creatures of habit. We enjoy keeping our hands busy and for the most part, these habits are relatively harmless. When it comes to your teeth, though, bad habits can cause lifelong problems that’ll have you singing regrets for years. While your teeth may seem indestructible after years of constant wear and tear, once they are damaged, it can be hard to reverse. Start changing your dental habits now so that your teeth will remain strong for your entire life.


Teeth grinding can be a tough habit to break, mostly because plenty of people don’t even realize they are doing it. Grinding your teeth is usually a reaction to stress, and sometimes only happens during sleep. If you catch yourself grinding your teeth when you get angry, frustrated, or stressed, take note of it. Being aware of your problem is the best way to start fixing it. Consciously relax your jaw, and take steps to reduce your stress level. If you think you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, talk to your dentist about night guard options. This habit can lead to tooth fractures and problems with your jaws.

Cheek Biting

Cheek biting is a habit that a lot of people pick up when they are trying to focus. It is similar to nail biting, and basically just keeps your mind occupied. For the most part it is harmless. You’ll run into problem if the habit becomes severe enough that your cheeks end up with wounds. These can get infected incredibly easily, and cause some pretty uncomfortable problems.

Using Teeth as Tools

Maybe you’re wrapping gifts and you don’t have scissors, or some packaging just won’t rip easily, so you use your teeth instead. While teeth are tools, they serve a very specific purpose, and that is to help you eat. They simply aren’t built to handle the stress of ripping through plastic. You could end up with chipped teeth, fractures, or other unpleasant issues.

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