Protect your Gums from Periodontal Disease

gum-disease-protectionFrom the time we are infants we are taught about dental hygiene. We learn all about how to protect our teeth from cavities and decay, but gums are often left out of the story. For many people, gum disease is a far-off idea that doesn’t seem like it will affect you, but that is not the case. Periodontal disease can strike at any age, and it’s important to know how to protect your gums. It doesn’t take too much work to keep your gums in tip top shape.

Gum Disease

The most common form of gum disease is gingivitis. When bacteria are allowed to congregate on your teeth and gum line, a build up of plaque can form. This can cause bacteria to become trapped in the gaps between your gums and teeth, leading to inflammation and infection. As this process progresses, you may find yourself dealing with periodontal disease, a much more serious gum condition. This can lead abscesses, pain, and even tooth loss.

Daily maintenance

You should start by making sure you have a good dental hygiene routine. Brush at least twice a day, and floss after meals. Many people just give their teeth a quick cleaning, but you should spend about two minutes brushing in the morning and the evening. If you’re going to skip one of your daily brushings, make sure it isn’t the one before bed. Try to floss every meal, or at least get one flossing in per day. You don’t have the chance to drink during the evening, allowing bacteria to thrive.

Choose your toothbrush carefully. In general, it is best to use a soft bristled brush because it will be less harsh on your sensitive gums. A softer brush will make it easier for you to put a lot of your focus on the area where your gums and teeth meet.

Eat right

The right foods can make a world of difference for your teeth. Sugar is obviously a major cause of tooth related problems, so cutting down on the amount of sweet stuff you put in your mouth is always a good idea. It is better to indulge in a big bowl of ice cream or a piece of cake than it is to snack on junk food all day. The prolonged exposure is much worse for you teeth. Stay away from sticky foods that will adhere to your teeth and be tough to remove, and snack on fibrous foods like celery and apples which will act as a natural brush. Proper eating habits will help you maintain a good weight, and this can also protect you from gingivitis.

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