Helping your Child to Enjoy Dental Care

child-dentist-fearStrangers in gloves, pointy tools and loud noises are no Disneyland when you’re a little kid. It’s no secret that many children can develop a fear of dental care, but as parents, you can start preparing your child for a long and happy relationship with dental work early on. Hopefully, with a bit of diligence and a positive attitude, your child will not burst into tears at the mention of the dreaded dentist.

Tips for happy children and healthy teeth

Start early. Before your little one’s first tooth even appears, you can start teaching good dental care and get them used to the idea of someone else’s hands in their mouth. You can clean an infant’s gums with a baby toothbrush or wet cloth. Once their first teeth arrive on the scene, you can head to the dentist for a check up. They’ll be able to get a feel for the atmosphere at your dentist’s office and hopefully the next time will be a little less scary.

Be positive. When you talk to your child about the dentist, try to remain on the positive side and avoid recounting painful past experiences. Consider introducing books about going to the dentist as new bed time stories. Your child looks to you as their guide and maintaining a positive outlook on dental hygiene will help your child do the same.

Have fun with it. In addition to the bed time stories, purchase brightly colored floss, toothbrushes with your child’s favorite cartoon character, and tasty toothbrush flavors. These sorts of products can teach kids to look forward to taking care of their teeth. Try brushing your teeth with your child in the morning and the evening. This sets a good example and provides a couple extra minutes of family time. If it’s fun at home, going to the dentist can be an enjoyable offshoot of that.

Stop by. If your child seems to be developing a negative association with visiting the dentist, try making a stop at the office when you won’t be staying for a cleaning. Spend some time in the lobby, get a chance to chat with your dentist and then head out without having to deal with any of the scary parts.

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