How Diabetes Impacts Your Smile

annapolis dental care diabetes impacts your smile

Let’s learn how diabetes impacts your smile.

There are many stigmas and myths surrounding diabetes. It’s essential for you, as a person with diabetes, to understand this disease. In general, diabetes impacts the bloodstream and can damage the delicate areas of your circulatory system. Dental health is a prime area where diabetic complications can affect your healthy adult life. At Annapolis Dental Care, we can help you maintain your smile for years. Let’s learn how diabetes impacts your smile.

Your Oral Health and Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the human body has difficulty absorbing carbohydrates. This occurs as a result of different mechanisms. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder where the body stops producing insulin. The more prevalent form is Type II, which relates to insulin resistance due to environmental and genetic concerns.

Overall, diabetes impacts your smile. This disease is linked to tooth decay development when blood sugars are higher than our body can handle. Known as hyperglycemia, this condition can lead to dehydration, which prevents the saliva from washing away dangerous microorganisms.

You Have the Ability to Protect Your Smile

The most effective way to keep your smile safe from oral health concerns linked to diabetes is through strict maintenance. Additionally, monitor your glucose consistently to reduce complications. Also, you should visit Annapolis Dental Care at least twice yearly. In-office cleanings and examinations help to identify dental issues early and eliminate tartar and plaque buildup.

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