How to Choose an Annapolis Family Dentist

annapolis family dentistFamily dentistry is important to many. Being able to take the whole family to the dentist at once and get taken care of in a safe and comfortable atmosphere makes the whole dentistry process much easier to deal with. Choosing your family dentist is as important as having a family dentist; you want to make sure you get someone who is compatible with your family and has the skills to ease the worries and fears of children, while still able to properly care for adult clients. There are a few thoughts to take into consideration when choosing your Annapolis family dentist.

  1. Skill – You want to know that your dentist has the education and knowledge to take care of everyone in your family. In Dr. Steckler’s case, he’s comfortable talking about his time in the University of Maryland’s dentistry program and how that has shaped him into a great dentist. He also continues to take courses in order to stay up to date on the newest techniques and developments in dentistry – some dentists stick with old routines and never try to learn anything different. As a family dentist, it’s necessary to always stay on top of what’s new and works the best.
  2. Comfort – Dentist trips are rarely something that kids (or adults) like to do. Having a dentist and staff that knows how to make you comfortable and work with you to figure out the best course of treatment is important. You want your kids to feel at ease in the chair. Annapolis Dental Care works together like a family and knows how important it is to take good care of your family. A small practice with a big heart can make all the difference in your oral health care.
  3. Services – Many people are much more comfortable when they know that sedation dentistry is offered for different types of procedures – especially for their children. Sedation dentistry makes procedures easier on everyone and can make going to the dentist a stress-free experience. Another service that Annapolis Dental Care offers that puts it a step above the rest of family dentists is emergency dentistry. Accidents happen and sometimes you need to get to a dentist immediately . Dr. Steckler is available for emergency appointments and can help you to relieve the pain, even if the problem itself can’t be taken care of on the day that the emergency occurs.

When choosing your family dentist, be sure that you choose a staff that makes you and your children comfortable and is skilled in multiple procedures. To set up an appointment to get to know Dr. Steckler and find out more about family and sedation dentistry, please contact Annapolis Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit today! We look forward to getting to know your family and improving your oral health care!

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