How to Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

sit back relax

Relax, it’s time to overcome your fears of the dentist.

Fear itself is frightening. Dentists and visiting the dentist’s office are among the top phobias in our country. Dentists seem scary because getting your teeth cleaned hurts. Those drills are sharp and shrill and you typically will be admonished for not flossing well enough. That said, let’s talk about how to get over your fear of the dentist and get a healthier smile.

Identify the Root of Your Fear

The first step is figuring out what the root cause behind your fear of the dentist is. What could it be, you might ask yourself? Here are some possible causes:

  • Bad past experiences at the dentist
  • Self-consciousness about your teeth
  • Anxiety disorders (for more information, see here)

Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

Now that you know what could be causing you to be afraid of the dentist, let’s move on to talking about ways to cope with these fears and get past them. Here are some helpful ways to accomplish that goal:

    • Meet with your dentist before treatment: If you are about to meet with a new dentist, arrange a pre-appointment meeting. This will help you get to know the person on the other side of the chair and will likely help you feel more comfortable around them before they work on your teeth.
    • Don’t hesitate to mention your fears: Let your dentist know about what your fears are. They’ll be glad to help you out however they can, such as talking to you while the cleaning is going on or explaining the process of just will happen during the cleaning so you will know what to expect going in.
  • Bring a companion: While most adults go to the dentist alone, moral support is always a good thing. Bring a friend or family member with you to hold your hand if you need them to. Anything to help you feel more comfortable!
  • Think about going to a different dentist: If you’re not comfortable with your current dentist, consider changing to a different one. Perhaps a more comfortable fit with your dentist will also help.
  • Take noise-canceling headphones: This may seem like an unconventional suggestion, but bear with us. If you can’t hear the sound of the drill, it might cause you not to panic. This will allow the cleaning to go more smoothly and end sooner, and you can get up and go.



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