How to Keep Your Smile Merry and Bright

How to Keep Your Smile Merry and Bright

Make sure your smile stays merry and bright for your next set of holiday photos with these simple tips!

The holiday season is always an unbelievably busy time. Life can get so hectic with party planning, gift buying, and decking the halls that it can be easy to forget about dental hygiene. Make sure your smiles stay merry and bright for your next set of holiday photos with these simple tips!

Sing While Brushing

This suggestion is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Sing a carol to yourself while you work on brushing your teeth. Your smile will thank you. By choosing songs that are around 2-3 minutes long, you can time how long you are brushing, and you can get your family in on the act, too. Try flossing while you set up a fun holiday playlist to listen to while you’re at it!

Avoid Ripping Wrapping Paper

Wrapping holiday presents can be hard work. Even so, it’s just as difficult to open the presents. Ripping the paper with your hands often isn’t enough, so you react by biting or gnawing on the paper to tear it open. Doing this is a bad idea because you can chip or bruise your tooth enamel, hurt your jaw, bite your tongue, or end up swallowing something that you shouldn’t by accident.  

Try Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening isn’t just a popular fad. It can yield some satisfying results. You’ve got to decide if it’s the right solution for you, especially if you are self-conscious about your smile. If the thought of attempting tooth whitening treatments makes you nervous, then speak with your dentist. They can give you some valuable advice on how to make it more effective, or they can recommend that they do it for you instead.

Keep Up the Good Work

Ultimately, the best way to protect your smile is to double down on your oral and dental health. Have you been dutifully brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash every day? If so, then keep it up even after the holidays!


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