Laser Diagnostics in Annapolis

Save the teeth with lasers

Laser diagnostics can save patients from experiencing severe pain as well as having exploratory surgery!

Everyone remembers time when dentists had to go poking and prodding around your mouth looking for signs of decay on your pearly whites. But luckily for the dentists as well as for the patients, those days are nearly over. With the invention of laser diagnostics, dentists do not have to poke or tap your teeth in order to find cavities that have not manifested on the surface yet. But how does it work? Are there any side affects you should be worried about? Well, let’s explore laser diagnostics!

The Laser at Annapolis Dental Care

In an effort to help patients improve and maintain their oral health, some dentists have started using the Kavo DIAGNOdent laser system. This system is revolutionary in the world of dentistry as it shows tooth decay from the inside out, which allows dentists to monitor the patients’ health at an ongoing rate.

How it Works

The hand-held DIAGNOdent device sends a wavelength of 655 nm into the tooth it is inspecting. If the tooth is healthy, little to no fluorescent light will show through the tooth and the digital display will show a low scale number. If the tooth is unhealthy, the tooth will glow according to the damage that has already been done and the scale number will be larger. At the same time as the numbers change on the scale, your dentist will hear a signal that will let them know there is a problem with that tooth and it should be further investigated.

Benefits of the DIAGNOdent

This pen like device helps dentists diagnose dental problems before they begin to cause problems for the patient. Instead of hitting potentially damaged teeth, this pen instrument glides over the tooth surfaces looking for damage. This laser has been tested and approved by the American Dental Association. With more than 90 percent accuracy rate, this device helps dentists detect possible cavities and diseases in hard to reach places. With this laser, you will not be exposed to the radiation of x-ray machines or painful explorations. This is a painless, non-invasive exam of your teeth that can benefit every member of your family.

Oral Health with Annapolis Dental Care

During your next visit, ask your Annapolis Dental Care dentist about a DIAGNOdent laser diagnosis for your teeth. It will save you a lot of time and pains in the future! For more information about preventing tooth loss and decay with a DIAGNOdent laser diagnostic, speak with your Annapolis Dental Care dentist.

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