How to Choose the Right Toothbrush for Your Dental Routine?

toothbrush electric or manual

Choosing a new toothbrush can be a difficult decision. Speak with your Annapolis Dental Care Dentist about the right one for you!

If you have ever walked into a store with the purpose of purchasing a new toothbrush, you have known the confusion buying a new one brings. From hard, soft, and medium bristles to electric and battery powered, there are so many different kinds to choose from. With so many kinds of toothbrushes, how do you know what kind is right for your teeth and mouth?

Manual Toothbrushes

There are actually more than use manual or electric that differentiates between the kinds of toothbrushes you can choose from. Conventional toothbrushes have a square or rectangular shaped head that are very effective at cleaning the surfaces of your teeth. Then there is the diamond shaped head, which is narrower but designed for better access to the posterior teeth. If you have examined your toothbrush, you will notice the different patterns in the bristles. Some toothbrushes have a block, wavy, or V-shaped pattern. These are used for better contact with adjacent teeth. Multilevel trim patterns to the brush are for hard-to-clean areas of the mouth. Criss-cross patterns are used to help get rid of plaque. Bristle strength is used to help the user avoid damaging the teeth and gums during brushing. If you are a vigorous brusher, consider a softer bristle to avoid pressure. Hard bristles should be avoided because they are too hard on the gums and teeth.

Electric and Batter Powered

Anyone who has ever used a battery powered toothbrush knows they just vibrate in your mouth. These toothbrushes are like a manual brush but add vibrations to help remove plaque. If you want something with more power, try an electric toothbrush. Electric brushes allow the user to choose from different modes of power including one for sensitive teeth. The timer function will help you keep to a strict regimen and pressure sensors will alert you if you are brushing too hard.

Oral Health with Annapolis Dental Care

When it comes to your best option, ask the experts! At your next appointment, ask your Annapolis Dental Care dentist which type of toothbrush is best for your mouth. Also consider upgrading your child’s toothbrush next time they visit their dentist. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months depending on wear.

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