Good and Bad Food for Your Teeth

Healthy foods for your teeth

Black and green tea can help you avoid gum disease as well as prevent loss of enamel.

Did you know there are some foods that promote healthy teeth and others that can ruin your teeth? Let’s explore some of these good and bad options!

The Good

When it comes to eating healthy, there are some foods you should be munching on in order to promote a healthy mouth. While fruits and vegetables do have high acid content, they can help keep your mouth healthy. Fibrous foods like fruits and veggies naturally stimulate saliva flow. This saliva will wash away any food particles left in your mouth and will neutralize the acids in your teeth. Pick especially crisp foods like apples and celery. Another food group that can help your teeth is the dairy group. Foods high in calcium, vitamin D, and phosphates like cheese, milk, and yogurt, can provide important minerals for healthy teeth. Teeth are made of calcium so to protect them you will need plenty of dairy in your diet. These foods also remove plaque and protect teeth from acids. If you are lactose intolerant, try soy milk or drinks and food fortified with calcium. Black and green teas can help suppress or kill the bacteria that attack your teeth. Because it kills off bacteria, these teas also reduce inflammation to the gums, which can cause gum disease. Sugarless gum can also help. For those moments you need something to chew on or want something minty, opt for sugar-free gum. It will promote your salivation and wash away bacteria and acids from your teeth.

The Bad

Sugars and acids are the main causes of tooth decay. One of the best ways to avoid exposure to too much concentrated sugar is to stay away from candy. We know, that’s a hard thing to too, especially for people with “a sweet tooth.” But if you must enjoy your sweets, opt for something that is quick to dissolve or eat. Foods like cakes, cookies, caramels, jelly beans, lollipops, and hard candies put a lot of pressure on your teeth. They are not easily washes away by saliva and can feed bacteria in your mouth. Carbohydrates and starches are two more types of food that could be hurting your teeth. Bread, pasta, and crackers that are made from white flour are known as simple carbohydrates. These simple carbs can turn into simple sugars, feeding the bacteria in your mouth. Soft drinks, including diet, also contain high amounts of sugars, carbonation, and phosphorous. All of these things wear down your enamel and stain your teeth. Limit the amount of time your soft drinks have with your teeth by used a straw. Acidic foods like fruit juices, lemons, and citrus fruits can cause your erode the enamel in your teeth. While it is alright to eat these foods, they could not be sucked on or kept in your mouth for a long period of time.

The Ugly

There are even some healthy food and drink options that may be deceiving you into thinking they are good for your body. Bottle water, which great because it is portable, does not contain the fluoride your teeth need in order to stay strong. When tested against five other drinks, sports drinks were found to do the worse damage to your teeth. This drink contains a high concentration of acids that do the deepest damage of your enamel. Drink tap water instead after your workouts. Don’t let these supposedly healthy food trick you into thinking they are healthy.

Keep your mouth healthy by avoiding these deceptive foods! Brushing after consuming these foods can help keep your smile bright and strong.

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