Why Might Your Teeth Move Around?

Why Might Your Teeth Move Around?

Your teeth tend to move around, even if you might not notice it.

Your teeth tend to move around, even if you might not notice it. It’ll take years, but all of your teeth will grow in by the time you are in your mid-twenties. Throughout your childhood, you could have worn braces and retainers to straighten your teeth and help them attain a more appealing look. So what can you do when they start shifting again?  

Problems with Your Bite

Have you ever heard your dentist diagnose you with an underbite or overbite and wonder what that could mean? Your bite has to do with the position of your jaw and how your jaw muscles move when you chew. Your jaw is one of the strongest parts of your body, so your mouth and teeth will be affected every time you bite down on something.

Problems with your bite will cause your teeth to start leaning and become crooked or even crack under pressure. You might need tooth replacement to fix this issue, especially if your chewing habits are making it worse.

Chewing Habits

Chewing your food might not seem too tricky. But if you have problems chewing it could aggravate anything wrong with your teeth. Depending on how sensitive your teeth are especially after dental or oral surgery it might be difficult to chew and swallow your food properly. All of this can cause your teeth to move. Likewise, if you tend to grind your teeth or chew on items that are not foods, you might be damaging your teeth and causing your smile to fall out of alignment.

Gum Health

Whenever you brush your teeth, you shouldn’t forget to pay some attention to your tongue, and your gums as well. As gums recede, they will cause your teeth to slide out of position. Eventually, especially if left untreated, this could lead to you losing your teeth entirely. Avoid this uncomfortable possibility by checking in with your dentist to see how they can help keep your smile looking beautiful.


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