Do You Need Tooth Colored Fillings?

tooth colored fillings

With advances in dentistry, the use of tooth colored fillings is commonplace. If you’re considering this filling type, get to know the details behind its use.

When your dentist discovers that a cavity has developed, it must be filled with specific materials. In the past, fillings were created out of a myriad of different substances. Silver, mercury, and gold were often found in most patients’ mouths as their cavities continued to appear. With advances in dentistry, the use of tooth colored fillings is commonplace. If you’re considering this filling type, get to know the details behind its use.

The Cosmetic Factor

The main reason to choose white fillings is the cosmetic factor. As you smile or chew, those fillings will be visible to passersby. Some fillings tend to darken over time, or they might become stained. Composite-resin or tooth colored fillings don’t have a color change at any time. Your teeth will look completely natural. In fact, no one has to know that you have fillings in the first place with these hidden, dental solutions.

Withstanding the Daily Chew

Dentists, in particular, appreciate composite-resin fillings because they withstand a lot of pressure. There’s a huge difference between the forces on your front and back teeth. The front teeth pull and tear your food while the back teeth pulverize the pieces. In the past, a dental procedure had to be closely considered when it came to the forces on the teeth as fillings were chosen. Emergency services also had to be evaluated very closely. Currently, composite-resin fillings can be used on both the front and back teeth because they’re incredibly strong.

Reasonable Cost

Although most dental insurance plans cover fillings, you may still have a co-pay. With this fact in mind, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the cost of the fillings. The cheapest fillings, such as amalgams, aren’t necessarily the best choice. You need a happy medium when it comes to cost so composite-resin fillings usually fit the bill. These fillings last for five or more years, and they cost a lot less than metal selections.

Patience During the Filling

Be aware that composite-resin fillings may take slightly more time for their installation. Your dentist must create a dry section of the tooth in order to fit the filling into place. These fillings can also be layered, which requires at least two visits. Patience will reward you with a filling that has a longer lifespan compared to other materials.

Considering Alternative Fillings

Choosing metal fillings is a possibility, but you’ll notice that temperature becomes an issue. Cold sensations plague your mouth. You won’t be able to mix and match your fillings in the future either. To avoid any galvanic shock, you’ll need to keep the metals consistent in your mouth.

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