Terrific Facts About Toothbrushes


Here are some terrific facts about toothbrushes!

We’ve heard our whole lives one of the most important keys to oral health is regularly brushing of our teeth. Throughout the years the toothbrush has evolved; from electronic to toothbrushes with twice as many bristles – there are endless options available to keep your teeth white. Let’s check out some fun facts about a product we use every day.

A Little History

The first toothbrush with bristles was actually manufactured in 1498 in China. Historically bristles have been made from hogs, horses, badgers and cows were used. The first commercial toothbrush hit the market in 1938! To speak to their importance, in 2003 the toothbrush was named the number one invention people can’t live without, beating out even cars for the top spot.

Daily Habits

According to Redmond Dentistry, about four billion people in the world use a mobile device, but surprisingly, only 3.5 billion people actually use a toothbrush! Cell phones may be more useful to some people then! We’ve all been that person who quickly brushes their teeth on the way out the door, the average dentist recommends 2-3 minutes of brushing a day, however, the average person only spends 48 seconds per day brushing. When you look at the lifetime scale, however, you’re likely to spend over a month of your life just brushing your teeth by the end of it.

Little Details

When it comes to caring for your toothbrush there are some things to consider. Some people put a cap on their toothbrush to protect it from bacteria in the air of the bathroom; however, putting a cap on your toothbrush can increase the bacteria because it traps moisture inside the cap. Avoid this if possible! Have you ever thought about how long you use your toothbrush? Some people wait for their yearly appointments, most people will use a toothbrush for about four months. Dentists actually recommend changing your brush every two months which can cut down on gum infection.

Bonus Fact About Toothbrushes

The most common toothbrush color is blue.

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