Over-the-Counter verses Professional Whitening Services

Choose a professional teeth whitening over a drugstore kit

When it comes to your white smile, don’t take a chance by use an OTC kit. Get real results with a professional!

We see it advertised on television, in magazines, and at the drug store: “easy whitening kits.” But is there such a thing as an easy, effective over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening kit or is the best option to go to a dentist for a professional teeth whitening service? Let’s take a look at the two methods to see which one is better for your wallet as well as your smile.

Over-the-Counter Kits

One of the main appeals of these kits is the ease. They can be done at home whenever you want. Many people are particularly scared of going to see the dentist and only go if they are severely in pain. For those people, teeth whitening kits are the way to go. Some people find it embarrassing to talk about yellow or stained teeth. Another advantage to OTC kits is the price tag. OTC kits appear to be cheaper and can purchased for as little as $20.00 per treatment. But these kits are often not as effective as professional whitening services. These kits work best on lightly stained teeth. But if you have heavily stained teeth, it may be a better investment for professional whitening. While the initial cost of OTC kits is inexpensive, you will need to spend money to maintain these positive effects by continuously purchasing kits.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The best reason to choose a visit to the dental office for teeth whitening instead of a drug store is the professional. OTC kits do not come with a dentist that can customize a plan specifically to your teeth. These kits are mass produced and could hurt your enamel if the mixture is too strong. Your dentist will be able to overcome any challenges your mouth may create and can help you maintain a bright smile. You are also able to customize how bright you would like your smile and how quickly you would like it brightened. Some patients would like their whitening to be done gradually while others prefer to spread it out over several visits for a gradually brighter smile. When comparing costs, you will be paying more initially for your teeth whitening, but you will save on not having to maintain the smile with constant OTC kit purchases.

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Teeth Whitening with Annapolis Dental Care

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