Revive Your Smile with Enamel Enhancements

annapolis dental care revive your smile with enamel enhancements

Revive your smile with enamel enhancements like dental bonding or porcelain veneers at Annapolis Dental Care.

Your teeth’s surface is made up of enamel. This tissue is strong and durable enough to withstand your daily chewing. Sometimes you may lose some of your natural enamel. For instance, you might lose a piece of a tooth via a chip or a substantial break. Also, tooth decay can harm your health and beauty. The buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth’s exterior can lead to the buildup of acidic waste. In addition, you might have cavities that require repair with a lovely composite filling that looks natural within your smile. Revive your smile with enamel enhancements like dental bonding or porcelain veneers at Annapolis Dental Care. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in looking and feeling better through a safer smile.

A Natural Smile with Composite Fillings

Cavities happen due to the acidic waste that bacteria produce. When oral hygiene is more relaxed than it needs to be, these microorganisms develop colonies within your mouth’s more profound areas. Additionally, plaque formation begins on your enamel. Over time, this becomes tartar, which requires professional removal.

When a cavity develops, it produces a minor hole within your enamel. Also, further infection can spread into your tooth’s body and the soft tissue. Additionally, a tooth filling helps to stop this likelihood by plugging the hole. Revive your smile with enamel enhancements like our composite fillings blends so your smile can continue to look gorgeous.

Fix Enamel Loss and Elevate Your Smile Quality

Furthermore, your teeth’ shape might differ from how you would like them to be. As a result, this might be the smile you were born with. Conversely, wear, and damage can build up and leave you with a poor appearance. Moreover, enamel repair using porcelain veneers provides a comprehensive enhancement to your teeth’s appearance and function. When your Annapolis dentist places your custom new veneer, this surface will cover your existing enamel.

Another process that can help with minor tooth damage is dental bonding. This uses a durable resin that appears natural after shaping and polishing. So, revive your smile with enamel enhancements, and call us today for a cosmetic dentistry consultation!

Feel Confident About Your Oral Health with Annapolis Dental Care

Whether it’s a regular check-up you need or a tooth extracted, your dentist in Annapolis is here to serve! Annapolis Dental Care has the expertise and compassion to work with you on improving your oral health. Your comfort and health are our top priorities, and so we go above and beyond to make our patients happy and give them the highest quality care. To set up an appointment today, please give us a call at 410-571-5014 or visit us online. For more oral health tips for you and your family, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! We are always looking for new patients, so if you live in Arnold, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, MD, come on down!

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