Do You Believe You May Have Signs of Root Canal Infection?

annapolis dental care signs of root canal infection

Annapolis Dental Care wants you to know the signs of root canal infection to avoid spreading to surrounding teeth and gum.

Root canal infection is a severe problem that can lead to multiple advanced dental issues. So, what is it? It’s a bacterial infection where the bacteria intrude on the inner side of your root canal and might waste all of the restorative efforts made through root canal treatment to save the decaying tooth. This is why it’s critical to take care of your oral hygiene after a root canal procedure because poor oral hygiene is the most prominent bad breath reason, as with all other tooth infections. Annapolis Dental Care wants you to know the signs of root canal infection to avoid spreading to surrounding teeth and gum.

Look Out for These Root Canal Infection Signs

Bad breath, dental abscess, extreme pain, and swelling are the prevalent symptoms of root canal infection that you must take seriously.

Bad Breath

Having bad breath is among the most apparent signs of root canal infection. If you are forming bad breath after a root canal treatment and routine brushing and flossing, the remaining pulp may still be infected in your root canal. So, you must visit an Annapolis dentist to treat your root canal infection.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess surrounding a treated root canal is a severe sign of root canal infection because it can quickly spread everywhere. It can also initiate multiple other oral diseases.

Extreme Pain

As we all know, a toothache is the most painful experience. Plus, a toothache is one of the earliest signs of a root canal infection after having a root canal treatment. So, be more careful about overall oral hygiene and attempt to find the nearest root canal dentist in Annapolis after experiencing extreme pain in your root canal.


A swollen gum surrounding your root canal is one of the visible signs and symptoms of root canal infection that must be taken seriously – especially if you notice it through your jaw and chin.

If you have gone with root canal treatment services and you’re experiencing the same signs of root canal infection, then you should book an appointment with the Annapolis Dental Care team today at 410-267-0766!

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