How Can You Benefit from a Tooth Extraction?

annapolis dental care benefit from a tooth extraction

You might benefit from a tooth extraction if you have gum disease, trauma, dental decay, crowded teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and lingering baby teeth.

Your natural teeth would last a lifetime in a perfect world. Unfortunately, tooth loss happens. Sometimes tooth loss occurs due to a sports injury or car accident, but other times a necessary tooth extraction is the reason. You might benefit from a tooth extraction if you have gum disease, trauma, dental decay, crowded teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, and lingering baby teeth. If any of these oral health problems ring true for you, contact Annapolis Dental Care to discuss your treatment options.

Learn If a Tooth Extraction is an Optimal Choice for You

Take no chances regarding your oral health. A tooth extraction can help you avoid dental pain, infection, and different oral and overall health problems. Dental Decay

Dental decay occurs when tartar and plaque build up on the tooth and eats away at the enamel. Over time, the buildup weakens the tooth and creates a cavity. In the early stages, fluoride varnish may restore the enamel. However, crowns, fillings, and root canal therapy may be necessary as time goes on. In addition, infection is likely to develop if the cavity is left untreated. At this point, tooth extraction is essential to deter the infection from spreading.


Sometimes, a tooth cannot be fixed due to severe trauma. Prevalent dental traumas include sports injuries, car accidents, and biting into crunchy or hard foods. A dental restoration won’t be able to repair these traumas that lead to cracked, chipped, or knocked-out teeth. You may benefit from a tooth extraction to minimize infection and pain if the teeth are not removed.

Crowded/Impacted (Wisdom) Teeth

If you have crowded teeth, it’s probably because your jaw is too small. In this circumstance, eliminating a tooth can offer the space your neighboring teeth need to move with the help of braces. Additionally, straight teeth aren’t just for looks; they make cleaning your teeth and gums easier and minimize your risk of cavities and gum disease.

Moreover, an impacted wisdom tooth happens when your teeth grow crooked due to a lack of room in the jaw. Also, the tooth pushes on the nearby molar, leading to red, tender, swollen, and bleeding gums. In this situation, a wisdom tooth extraction from a dentist at Annapolis Dental Care is necessary to avoid dental damage and infection. Give us a ring today at 410-267-0766!

Gum Disease

A buildup of tartar and plaque along your gum line can lead to gum disease or periodontal disease. Gingivitis only impacts the gums, making them swollen, red, and sensitive. In addition, periodontitis is the inflammation of the tissues and bones around the teeth. To preserve the surrounding teeth, we may need to extract and replace them with a dental implant. Then, one of our dentists will create a treatment plan to keep the dental disease from triggering more damage.

Contact our friendly dental team at Annapolis Dental Care to schedule an appointment to discuss if you benefit from a tooth extraction!

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