How Badly Does a Root Canal Procedure Hurt?

annapolis dental care root canal procedure

Let’s explore how badly a root canal procedure hurts and the remedies for root canal pain.

A root canal procedure is among the most critical prevalent restorative dental works. It involves eliminating the infected pulp from the tooth and filling it with artificial material such as rubber amalgam, iodoform paste, or calcium hydroxide to restore a natural tooth. Let’s explore how badly a root canal procedure hurts and the remedies for root canal pain.

Is a Root Canal Procedure Painful?

Nope! There are multiple anesthesias that your local Annapolis dentist uses during a root canal procedure. You might feel mild pain during the surgical procedure like any other dental procedure. Luckily, there are several remedies to get rid of mild root canal pain.

What Triggers the Root Canal Pain?

A root canal procedure might be slightly painful due to using sharp surgical tools to open the infected tooth. Your surrounding gums and ligaments might feel stressed while an Annapolis dentist removes the crown and opens an infected tooth with sensitive equipment.

How Do I Stop Root Canal Pain?

If you are feeling pain after a root canal procedure, discuss this with your dentist about it. However, you should try some common remedies after a painful root canal treatment.


A root canal procedure is not as painful as it sounds. There are many kinds of anesthesia that are applied during the surgical process to numb the pain. Moreover, there are advanced instruments, the latest technologies, and specialized root canal dentists (endodontists) to complete the easy root canal job. So, contact Annapolis Dental Care if you need a specialized root canal treatment in Annapolis, Maryland!


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