How Does a Root Canal Help?

How Does a Root Canal Help?

A root canal always sounds like everybody’s worst nightmare. Believe it or not, they do help.

A root canal always sounds like everybody’s worst nightmare. Believe it or not, they do help. A root canal is also called an endodontic treatment. If you are worried about sensitive teeth, tooth pain, and your smile, then a root canal can make a huge difference. Let’s find out more about it

What Is It? 

Root canals treat the inside of the tooth. The pulp is what is treated. The dentin protects the pulp and the enamel protects the rest of the tooth. The pulp has blood vessels, nerve endings, and tissue that help support the tooth as it develops. Once teeth mature they can survive without the pulp because the tissues around it nourish it. After the root canal is finished, there will be some soreness or discomfort that will linger for the next few days. Root canals can repair the damage left behind by an accident or a genetic defect

How Will It Help? 

The irritated or inflamed pulp is removed. The inside of the root canal is cleaned and scraped and after that, a filling and sealant are attached to cover up the residual space. Later on, you can go back for a crown that will further protect the tooth and it can go back to acting like a normal tooth. Now that you know how it will help, let’s look at how you know you need one

How Do You Know You Need One?

If you experience pain while chewing or biting, then it’s one sign that you need a root canal done. Pimples on the gums are unsightly and another sign that this procedure is necessary. Chipped and cracked teeth or swollen gums also count as a sign. The gums shouldn’t go dark or decay, either. That means a root canal will be super helpful. Also, it can help deal with tooth sensitivity to hot or cold – because in the summertime you will want cold drinks almost all the time to help cool off from all of the heat. 


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