Recovering After a Root Canal Procedure

Recovering After a Root Canal Procedure

Getting better after having a root canal can seem like an uphill struggle.

Getting better after having a root canal can seem like an uphill struggle. Recovering from this procedure can also be difficult, but not impossible. Most of the discomfort will come from the pain after the numbing wears off. So here are some tips for recovering after having a root canal. 

Early Days

Back in the day, root canals were extremely painful. That’s how they got their scary reputation and why people try to do their best to avoid having one done. However, anesthetic is part of the process, and it means that you won’t feel any pain while undergoing the procedure. Although you will feel some pressure, it won’t be as painful as you keep imagining it to be. There’s going to be some pain and sensitivity once the anesthetic wears off, though. This is only natural. 

Some basic medications for pain relief and a swelling reduction will help you feel better. During this time, stick to softer foods such as ice cream, mashed potatoes, and yogurt. Avoid anything hard, like snack pretzels or hard candies for the time being. If these touch the area around your root canal, you will feel even more pain than is necessary. 

Getting Help 

There will come a time when you will need help, though. At some point, the pain will be unbearable. This is when you should get help as soon as possible. A root canal might need more than one session, although usually it is fine after one or two sittings. If the pain keeps coming back, then you’ll need to get a prescription from your dentist for some stronger medicine. This medicine is so strong you should only take it temporarily. 

Managing the Pain 

The time has come to manage your pain. Talk to your dentist to see what other solutions might work out for you. Be sure to continue brushing your teeth and using floss and mouthwash. Just be careful not to irritate the area around the root canal. Watch what you eat, and quit smoking. Practicing mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, and meditation can all help distract you from the pain as well. 


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