Tooth Whitening Tips: How to Deal with Yellow Teeth

Tooth Whitening Tips: How to Deal with Yellow Teeth

First, you must understand that it’s not possible to have naturally white teeth.

If you have an important occasion coming up, such as a first date, a job interview, or even your wedding day, then you could be dismayed by how your teeth look. First, you must understand that it’s not possible to have naturally white teeth. However, it is possible to deal with discolored teeth, especially when they turn yellow. 

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow? 

Drinking coffee and smoking tobacco will leave a residue that will stain your teeth. One way to help your teeth recover is to change your lifestyle – minimize your coffee intake and stop smoking or using tobacco by other means. The reason why your teeth change color isn’t just because of surface stains, either. The hard white shell, what we think of as teeth, is called the enamel. But underneath the veneer is another layer called the dentin. When the enamel starts to wear away, the dentin will show more and more clearly. Aging can cause tooth erosion, but so can poor diet and oral health care routines. 

You may not like how much saliva your mouth produces. But even so, it’s your body trying to help you without you even realizing it. Some people could suffer from dry mouth, or your kids could have blocked nasal passages that cause even more problems.

Other Possible Reasons 

That said, there are still possible reasons you could need teeth whitening because your teeth are turning yellow. Using antibiotics or giving children too much fluoride can both become issues, which are known as blotching. But sometimes, it’s just as possible that genetics are playing a role – it could be common in your family tree!  

Preventing Yellow Teeth

Your dentist can whiten your teeth for you. Professionally-applied treatments are bound to be safer and last longer than anything you could do at home. Try kicking the habit of drinking soda or iced coffee, or at least stick to a straw to minimize their impact on your teeth. Milk and water can help cancel out anything acidic that is still on your teeth.  


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