Senior Citizen Dental Health Part 2: Common Dental Conditions

common dental conditions

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at common dental conditions that afflict senior citizens.

Last time, we started discussing senior citizen dental health. Mainly, we focused on how to maintain dental health for the elderly and what health problems poor oral hygiene can cause or make worse. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at common dental conditions that afflict senior citizens. What are these common dental conditions? Read on to learn more!


Some Common Dental Conditions Can Be Different for This Age Group!

  • Decay of the roots: Roots decaying is a major problem for the elderly. Although the roots are normally protected by the gums, gum tissue can wither away as well. Gums and roots do not have the same enamel that protects the teeth. So once roots are unprotected, they begin to deteriorate.
  • Dry mouth: Medications and diseases can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth occurs when saliva production does not meet the needs of your mouth.
  • A diminished sense of taste: Aging can cause the sense of taste to diminish.
  • Loss of teeth: Mainly caused by gum disease, loss of teeth is one of the most common dental conditions for senior citizens. Besides affecting bite motions and the jaw’s ability to work, loss of teeth can lead to an even jawbone.
  • An uneven jawbone: Losing teeth can cause the jaw to become unstable. Missing teeth that are not replaced will shift to fill in the empty spaces. This will affect the bite motions and ability of the jaw. And this condition can in turn cause pain, malnutrition, and other more serious issues.

While there are other common dental conditions, these are only a few of them. If left untreated, they can become more serious and harder to deal with. These more aggressive methods of treating dental conditions can cause anxiety about visiting the dentist. Don’t let that happen to you!


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