Senior Citizen Dental Health: Maintaining Dental Health for the Elderly

Senior citizen dental health

Dental health is important at all ages, and senior citizen dental health is no exception.

Typically, when we think of healthy dental habits we automatically think of children. But what about the elderly? Dental health is important at all ages, and senior citizen dental health is no exception. In this blog, we’ll focus on ways senior citizen dental health can be best maintained. Read on for the sake of your parents and grandparents!

Why is Senior Citizen Dental Health So Important?

We should take senior citizen dental health seriously. There are numerous reasons why their dental health is so important, as we will outline below:

Respiratory Infections: Among the most common of respiratory infections senior citizens suffer from is pneumonia. Because of their age, their lungs are not as resilient as they once were. Infected teeth or gum disease can easily spread more bacteria because of constant inhalation. Lungs can be infected by the germs hidden in the air that is taken in.

Complications from Diabetes: Another condition common amongst senior citizens is diabetes. Although diabetes can affect anyone of any age, it is particularly prevalent in the elderly. Periodontal disease, reduction in blood circulation, and blood sugar levels can all make an unpleasant combination.

Heart Diseases: As with other parts of the body, too much bacteria in the bloodstream can affect the heart as well. Strokes and heart attacks are even possible, because bacteria in the bloodstream can cause arteries to harden.

Possible Dementia: Germs and bacteria infecting the bloodstream can eventually affect the brain and the central nervous system. Brain cells and thought patterns can be adversely impacted by infection. Such changes to brain chemistry, particularly in the elderly, can lead to the development of frightening conditions such as dementia or even Alzheimer’s. Due to their age and weakened immune systems, they are more prone to infection and less likely to be able to recover as quickly.

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